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Amplify Your Network Team with Admiral Fleet Management

Admiral provides automation and orchestration of your MikroTik fleet. Admiral is an on-premise 1U appliance for your data center, co-lo or hosted instance with an easy to use dashboard interface. Admiral helps your IT team be more efficient and increase your network ROI.

Learn about Admiral

Your dedicated, secure, on-premise solution of RemoteWinBox.

Learn more about the RemoteWinBox/Admiral dashboard and features.

Get A Product Tour

Join our team for a 30 minute video call to learn more about Admiral.

Disaster Recovery

On-demand and automatic daily backups for RWB routers.

Configuration Change Control

Configuration change detection highlighted in dashboard to easily review and compare.

Fleet Commander

A command and control solution for MikroTik hardware. Run a command or script on one or all routers.

Firmware Management

Make firmware updates easy with our firmware solution for MikroTik hardware.

Login Manager

User-friendly dashboard for MikroTik User Management.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps
Getting Started is Easy
Schedule a demo with the team using the "Product Tour" link.
We will verify the size of your MikroTik Fleet Manager and send you directions for datacenter installation.
We will contact you via email with payment details and to verify a shipping address.
Rack and Stack Your On-Premise Appliance
Install the MikroTik Fleet Manager 1U appliance in your DC or co-lo.
Admiral appliance will come pre-loaded with all software and configuration, ready to deploy.
Note: Public IPs recommended (not required).
Schedule A 15-minute Setup Session
Join our team on a Zoom or Phone Session
Setup is a quick process.
Ensure the MikroTik Fleet Manager appliance is in perfect working condition.
Walk-through and Q&A if needed.
Admiral Pricing
Small - Annual
As low as .57/per router/per month.
Appliance supports up to 1,000 routers.
Medium - Annual
As low as .21/per router/per month.
Appliance supports up to 4,000 routers.
Large - Annual
As low as .10/per router/per month.
Appliance supports up to 10,000 routers.

*Domestic shipping is included for United States purchases. If ordering from Alaska, Hawaii or outside of the US – please contact us for shipping costs.

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